Blue House Silhouette Watercolor

Throwback to Italy Watercolors

I am very fortunate to have been able to study watercolor painting in college. It was an incredibly special and impactful time, spending a full month immersed in an intensive painting program, with guidance from an expert teacher, seeing amazing and inspiring beauty all around. Plus… all the lemon gelato I could eat. 🙂

This particular landscape is a mixture of techniques and was painted on-location out with the class group early in the morning. I hope to begin painting more frequently again – if I can only find the time! This particular painting involves the process of painting in plain water onto the paper in the silhouette shape, placing color into the plain-water silhouette, and then waiting for that area to dry before proceeding to paint the nearby areas of the painting.

Landscape in Blues
Landscape in Blues

Recently I rediscovered this particular old painting when rummaging through old folders – it inspired me to pull together a whole selection of little projects and favorite clippings and postcards and decorate the entire wall of our guest room / home office room in our house.

With the August 2016 earthquake in Italy, the loss of life is painful and devastating. Some of the old buildings lost as well are a sad destruction of historical buildings that are unique to older styles of architecture that are part of what makes Italian landscapes so special and striking.

I hope to return to Italy at some point in the future. With young kids at home, international travel is out of reach financially and schedule-wise, but I can dream and it remains on my distant hopes-and-wishes to-do list.