#SecretLivesOfPlants 01 – Darkest night.

#SecretLivesOfPlants 01 – Darkest night.

Secret Lives of Plants - Darkest Night

Sometimes when things seem their darkest, it is only then that new stars can emerge and shine their very brightest. This post is in honor of the many inspiring people I see working so hard to improve our world. People all across America who are raising their voices for equality, speaking out against injustice, and doing their best to address the pressing issues of our time around health, the environment, education, and injustice.

In particular, I see brave voices like @chescaleigh shining a light on racial injustice – thank you for your work and bravery in tackling this topic head-on in such a thoughtful way. I see everyday heroes in our local teachers – teaching their students kindness, teaching compassion in the face of our differences and teaching ways to address bullying. I see organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Environmental Working Group – pushing forward and stepping up to the challenge of continuing the work for equality, rights, and the environment.

Thinking a lot this week about what I can do for tikkun olam – to contribute to repair fractures, to stop injustice, and to remedy inequalities that are facing this nation at this time.

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