Naming – #ThePlumGrove

Naming – #ThePlumGrove

I’m ready for action! Let’s get this art adventure started. First, thoughts on picking a name.

Escapades in Naming

Naming - Part 1
All rights reserved. Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson, @ThePlumGrove

Naming, Step One: Finding a niche and brainstorming concepts: What defines the idea/product/business? What’s the unique value proposition in terms of how people relate to other things already well known?

I brainstormed – gardening, urban horticulture, city farmer, Jewish mom, artist, parenting, cooking, recipes, watercolors, postcards, painting, fruit, vegetables, and webcomics. Once I had my core elements outlined, I tried to hone in on the most essential elements, and then seek out words/synonyms that evoke that concept – which was just a touch tricky with my hodgepodge of items…

Naming, Step Two: Is the name available? I searched online for each name I was considering – especially if I am planning to sell a product or start a business, it’s important to choose a unique name that won’t bring up issues of copyright or trademark. Maybe someone in a different state or country already had the same idea and they are already using the prime domain name for the name idea! Time for more brainstorming…

Naming Part 2
All rights reserved. Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson, @ThePlumGrove

Step Three: Practical naming considerations: How difficult is the name idea to spell? Will it be confused with something else?

If speaking with someone on the phone, would the proper spelling be immediately obvious? Would the name be easy to explain over the phone or would someone have to painstakingly spell it out letter by letter? Such as “Pear Endeavors” could be mistaken over the phone for “pare” or “pair” instead of the “pear” spelling for how that word sounds, and the word “endeavors” is easy to accidentally misspell.

Naming - Part 3
All rights reserved. Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson, @ThePlumGrove

Gut-Feeling Naming Considerations: What kind of emotions or assumptions does the name concept evoke? Positive? Negative? Are other related products, businesses, brands, or concepts going to impact how the name is interpreted?

For me, I wanted my new project name to evoke the concept of a space/area/retreat, and being a gardener I feel like the word ‘grove’ conjures up a special type of space, one that is flourishing with trees, and one that also could be a hideaway or respite. A plum is a type of fruit (yum!) but also in colloquial terms, if something is ‘plum’, such as a ‘plum choice’ or the ‘plum pick’ it can mean an ‘optimal’ item, which has nice positive connotations. In construction, the word ‘plumb’ means something is straight/true and in proper alignment. While that introduces a possible spelling/confusion element, the word ‘plumb’ isn’t commonly used, so I discounted it as a likely source of spelling confusion when I picked The Plum Grove.

My kidlings are so supportive of my art – thank goodness for their encouragement and enthusiasm.

It’s tough to pick a name! Have you named something new recently? What did you pick? So those are some of my suggested tips for naming something new, even though I apparently don’t always follow my own advice…

It would perhaps be more normal to simply try to brand myself with my own name, as an artist, as I start trying to consistently produce new comics, postcards, and fabric designs. That would be a logical choice, but that’s where the gut feeling element comes in! So instead I’m onward with this new The Plum Grove adventure. 🙂 Hope you can join me and follow along as I make new things every month in 2017.

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  1. Love, love, love the three cute, comical, adorably drawn, silly and real-life depicted comics in Naming. Love hubby’s cowlick that looks suspiciously like an aloe plant and his raised eyebrow, the bun and hairpick, the Mrow from the kitty, the younger daughter’s crazy hair and ruffly skirt! Hey, your kitty isn’t all white!!!! 🙂

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