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Jewish Holiday Postcard Bundles are here!

It has been quite a journey this year, starting my new @ThePlumGrove art endeavor and each month finding a little time to make something new.  I’m so happy to be finally reaching the stage where I’ve made enough things that I am ready to bundle up my very first set of artwork for Jewish holidays and release it as a postcard collection. The encouragement from friends and family across the year has made a big difference!

Check out my postcard collection – available on Etsy and as a Jewish Holiday Gift Set and also a Jewish Lifecycle Gift Set:

Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson

I’m thrilled that my latest 4 watercolor designs for Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah are back from the eco-friendly Union printer that produces my cards. The soft watercolor patterns came out even better than I had hoped with these new designs.

My Rosh Hashanah original watercolor design:
Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson

My Sukkot original watercolor design:
Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson

My Yom Kippur original watercolor design:
Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson

My Hanukkah original watercolor design:
Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson

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Thanks for taking a moment to visit my web site and check out my latest artwork here at @ThePlumGrove. As a new artist just getting started here in California, squeezing in art creation time around my main job of caring for my two energetic young daughters, it can be tough to make connections and reach people. If you know someone who might like my work, please spread the word!

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Learn more about why I love postcards:

They conserve paper! Yes, my postcards are printed on 100% recycled paper – but it is still great to conserve resources. A postcard uses half as much paper as a folded-card, saving as much paper as possible while still creating the special experience of receiving a thoughtful note in the mail.

They save on postage! Did you know that postcards can use special less-expensive postcard stamps that are $0.34 instead of the typical postage rate of $0.49? Just ask for them at the post office (or order them online). If you have a long mailing list of friends and family like I do, you’ll see your postage costs go way down by sending postcards.

They fit envelopes too! What if you want to mail some 4×6 photos, a children’s drawing, and a newspaper clipping with your holiday postcard to grandma? These postcards are the standard “A6” size, so they fit all standard “A6” envelopes. You can always enclose and send them in an envelope whenever appropriate or preferred, which is why I also offer classic white envelopes to go with my postcards (the envelopes are also on 100% recycled paper).

They are fun! Postcards go well pinned up to a bulletin board, framed, or put on a refrigerator – making them easy to decorate with and enjoy for a long time.