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I feel like the theme of 2018/2019 school year has been “on the cusp,” but I am SO ready to get past that and onward to the rest of the year. Over the course of a major home remodel across 11 months in May 2018 through January 2019 we went from being on the cusp of having hot water again, to on the cusp of having the ability to do laundry, to on the cusp of having heating, and then on the cusp of having a functioning kitchen again, and more. I am so intensely thrilled with how the remodeled kitchen and the whole home renovation project turned out. We are intensely fortunate.

The final cusp I still remain on the edge of is preparing my new art studio space for active production. The desk? In place! Art supply storage? Also in place. Special cushion for my “art cat” to come lounge at my side while I work? Ready. I am tracking the delivery timing for the last essential item – a chair to sit on while I work! This is a bit of a silly final hurdle because of course I can (and have been) carrying one of our rickety old dining chairs into the studio to use during the organizing-stuff phase. Yet I really feel like I NEED some sort of official “go” flag to drop or trumpet to sound for me to really get going. My angst over what chair to get seems to have fit the bill. Gave up on an out of stock chair from Ikea, so now this chair arrives June 4th and I am so excited!

My mind has been humming with project ideas, but the funny thing about ideas and getting started is that sometimes I never know quite what I will focus on once I do sit down, blank pages in front of me, ready to sketch and paint.

My book making ideas, fabric designs, and other creative work have been almost entirely on hold for the past twelve months. My only major project during that time was a special commissioned “family tree” themed watercolor piece for the family of a dear friend. I enjoyed working on it so much that I hope to put commissioned paintings as a new option on my Etsy store this month.

Wish me luck this week (I could really use it!) as I cross this last hurdle, construct this chair from Office Depot and start up my art production schedule again. Here’s to a bright and productive summer ahead!



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  1. Good luck with your new chair and all your adventures in art in the future!

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