Hebrew Pictogram Flashcards!

Hebrew Pictogram Flashcards!

I’m thrilled to release a set of picture-drawing flashcards designed to help in matching letter sounds to Hebrew consonants. Download the Pictogram PDF now on my Hebrew Learning Resources page (Pictograms are item #4 in the 4-part starter resources kit, available for $15 for the full kit)! Check out and review the PDF for no cost, but then please be sure to make the payment if you intend to use these pictogram cards and any of my other PDF resources. Thank you!! 🙂

Creating a drawing for each letter was very challenging – I hope you enjoy these quirky sound-clue pictograms and that they help you remember the letter sounds.

How to Use These Resources

There are many ways to learn Hebrew phonetic reading! If you, or your child, are working on learning Hebrew letter sounds, you can use these Pictogram Flashcards (PDF available for purchase here), by reading and reviewing the “sound sentence” associated with each drawing. This will improve letter-shape and letter-sound recognition. I’ve included helpful arrows and notations within the PDF to highlight key aspects of each letter’s unique shape.

Use them in the order that makes sense for you! For example, if your local Hebrew School program is learning a few new letters eachweek, cut out and use the corresponding pictogram cards that match along with what is being learned.

The Dilemma of the letter V

While making this set, many quirky drawings were used. However, the hardest letter to draw a pictogram for is the below letter V. Which “V” sound picture clue helps you the most? A “vampire fang that is very narrow and doesn’t ‘bite’ below the baseline” or a “volcano” or a “vicious vulture”?

This V letter is particularly challenging because I would prefer to highlight the narrowness of the letter (versus other similar letters) and the above-the-baseline aspect to be part of the letter’s picture clue. Do you have a new idea for a picture for this letter?

I welcome your feedback on these and my other Hebrew Learning Resources.

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