Uh-Oh, I Don’t Know Hebrew?! Hebrew School Solutions for Parents Who Don’t Know Hebrew

Uh-Oh, I Don’t Know Hebrew?! Hebrew School Solutions for Parents Who Don’t Know Hebrew

My first set of Hebrew language learning resources is available now for purchase! Download the PDFs, check them out, and if you plan to use them, make the payment:

  1. How Hebrew Works Quick Guide: $2 (PayPal to kristin@theplumgrove.com)
  2. Hebrew Alphabet Chart Bundle: $5 (PayPal to kristin@theplumgrove.com) These charts are sized for 11×17 paper, but can be printed on 8.5×11 paper.
  3. Hebrew Alphabet Flashcard Bundle: $5 (PayPal to kristin@theplumgrove.com)

To purchase this full set of quick-guide/alphabet flashcards+charts PDF resources for your family’s use, please PayPal $12 total to kristin@theplumgrove.com. If you don’t have PayPal, please contact me at kristin@theplumgrove.com for another convenient method of payment. I offer bulk price discounts if you want to purchase my resources for use with a larger school/group as opposed to for an individual family. Please email me for bulk pricing details.

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How this journey began…

Last year was my older child’s first year in Hebrew School. 😉 My awesome full-of-ADHD kid definitely was not enthusiastic about learning Hebrew. Over the year it became clear that the once-weekly classes and homework were not sinking in.

I tried my best to help with studying, because at-home practice several days a week is so essential to language learning. But I ran into a brick wall. All the study materials and homework seemed designed exclusively for parents who already knew Hebrew themselves (which I did NOT at all at that time). With the materials at hand, I literally COULDN’T help her study, because I couldn’t understand the homework, couldn’t tell if she was pronouncing anything correctly, and couldn’t tell what the vocabulary words meant from the unclear pictures.

After hunting on Amazon for resources to buy and trying out various language-learning apps such as Duolingo and Busuu, I was intensely frustrated by the unfriendly Hebrew materials that were not workable for me or my child.

Over the summer I taught myself written phonetic Hebrew out of sheer stubbornness so I could create the materials I needed. My mission now is to create kid-friendly and parent-friendly learning materials, specifically with the “doesn’t know ANY Hebrew” parent in mind. My tools are aimed for building phonetic-reading fluency for the Hebrew School student whose primary language is English, and who is learning for Hebrew School and cultural purposes and not conversational language fluency purposes.

Now that I’ve launched with these initial Hebrew learning materials, I will start working on vocabulary packs with a mixture of key words and high-interest words that are fun for kids, plus other additional tools. Feel free to comment with your suggestions. I am excited to get going on more resources and to use them with my own children.


As an artist and content producer I rely on your honor-system payments to support myself and my hard work. Do NOT share or improperly duplicate/use these copyrighted PDF materials without making payment per family or with a paid group-use license. Email me with any questions. THANK YOU!! 🙂

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