Spoonflower Pattern – Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Spoonflower Pattern – Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Hello to January and getting 2020 started right! I’ve been sneaking time while my kids are at school to paint a new design for the Spoonflower Art Nouveau Wallpaper design contest – go and vote for my design!!

Arabesque Pattern as Wallpaper

Voting is open between January 16th-22nd.

To vote for my design: First, visit this page, then, scroll through the many designs until you find my entry, and then pick it for your vote! 🙂

Here’s what my design will look like in the contest:

Here is what some of the preparation and painting phases look like:

Designing some of the plain tiles and focal tiles.
Close-up of the crescent-moon with staff focal tile detail.

After scanning everything and working through the design, I ended up narrowing the color palette to a more blues-tone palette, because the variety of colors was a bit much for a wallpaper design.

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