California Week #1 of #Quaranteam #MomSchool

It’s surely a new era right now. Despite the growing news of the coronavirus across February and early March I must admit that I was still absolutely shocked on March 13th when my school district shut down. This last Monday-Friday was the first week of what I am affectionately calling #Quaranteam #MomSchool. To be honest, despite my stress and nature to over-plan and make a detailed schedule for the kids, that first week has somehow gone rather smoothly.

Each day this first week each of my kidlings did about 45 minutes of ELA (English language arts) and 45 minutes of Math via an online app that the school district is offering, then we also did regular old offline reading, sight words practice for my 1st grader, some creative writing, watched three amazing nature documentaries (THANK GOODNESS for Netflex and Disney+!!!!), and also enjoyed that new Mo Willem’s lunchtime doodle thing that has been going around. It went pretty well?

I feel so deeply and intensely lucky that I am a stay-at-home-mom and artist who can set aside my work, because I know that there is no way I would have been able to balance all the kid homeschool attempting plus significant other work obligations. So many families are struggling right now and I am very worried for our community. I am a little sad that I didn’t manage to work on any new watercolor paintings or pattern designs, but kid obligations are definitely taking my full-time attention and my art goals can wait for later.

In unrelated art news from this week, here’s my latest pattern design! Golden metal filigree on dark teal pattern:

One exciting highlight of the week is that this new pattern design got 66th place in a “faux texture wallpaper” Spoonflower competition this week. I created the design and submitted it several weeks ago, but the voting and contest occurred this week. I’m so happy! It’s the best that any of my designs has ever done in one of their contests.

I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy.

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