Passover Eggs and Gefilte Fish
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Passover during Shelter in Place! Haggadah for our Zoom Seder

It’s such a different year this year. I am still looking forward to special holiday foods and being together virtually on Zoom, even if family and friends are not able to gather in person together as we originally had planned.

To simplify our seder, ensure everyone could refer to the same Haggadah document from afar, and to add in a few elements related to our current global situation, I created a new 6-page Haggadah especially for 2020! I didn’t have a chance to add the actual Hebrew text yet, right now this PDF has English sections and transliterated Hebrew sections. Please feel free to use it if helpful for your family:

Wishing you and your family wellness, health, and a way to come together over strong internet connections during this year’s Passover holiday.

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