An Open Letter to iReady, made by @CurriculumAssoc

This is a long one, because I have a LOT to say about iReady, the learning program produced by Curriculum Associates. I used the iReady system as an essential daily part of my "Mom-School" homeschooling distance learning routine (iReady was provided by my local school district) during the 13 weeks of Sheltering-in-Place. It has some… Continue reading An Open Letter to iReady, made by @CurriculumAssoc

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Face Masks now available!

I've been busy working on several new designs. I was so happy to learn that my designs are now available on several different facemask styles on Society6 and Spoonflower: Face masks on Society6Shop on Spoonflower - to see Face Mask options, click on the fabric you like, and then scroll down and look for the… Continue reading Face Masks now available!


California Week 2 and 3 of #Quaranteam #MomSchool!

During week 2 our school district added on 4 additional weeks of closure to the existing 3 weeks of closure, looking at a May 4th re-open date instead of April 8th. It feels very different facing homeschooling my kids for likely the next several months (please let school start in the fall of 2020 like… Continue reading California Week 2 and 3 of #Quaranteam #MomSchool!


California Week #1 of #Quaranteam #MomSchool

It's surely a new era right now. Despite the growing news of the coronavirus across February and early March I must admit that I was still absolutely shocked on March 13th when my school district shut down. This last Monday-Friday was the first week of what I am affectionately calling #Quaranteam #MomSchool. To be honest,… Continue reading California Week #1 of #Quaranteam #MomSchool

Blue Watercolor Arabesque Shape Tile Pattern
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Spoonflower Pattern – Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Hello to January and getting 2020 started right! I've been sneaking time while my kids are at school to paint a new design for the Spoonflower Art Nouveau Wallpaper design contest - go and vote for my design!! Voting is open between January 16th-22nd. To vote for my design: First, visit this page, then, scroll… Continue reading Spoonflower Pattern – Art Nouveau Wallpaper

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December Hebrew Vocabulary Cards!

Hooray! I've just completed and published my first set of cultural life Jewish vocabulary flashcards. Go to my Hebrew Resources page to download them. They are free for a limited time (if I stay organized, my goal is to launch one vocab pack per month, and they'll be sold in three-month bundles). So go grab… Continue reading December Hebrew Vocabulary Cards!

Hebrew Letter with Picture Clue
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Hebrew Pictogram Flashcards!

I'm thrilled to release a set of picture-drawing flashcards designed to help in matching letter sounds to Hebrew consonants. Download the Pictogram PDF now on my Hebrew Learning Resources page (Pictograms are item #4 in the 4-part starter resources kit, available for $15 for the full kit)! Check out and review the PDF for no… Continue reading Hebrew Pictogram Flashcards!