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Refocusing and introspection.

Recent life events have left me feeling many things - mostly grief over the death of my younger brother, who faced alcohol addiction and mental health issues for many years and passed away in June at the age of 33. This loss has definitely triggered an introspective look, thinking about humanity, life, and how to… Continue reading Refocusing and introspection.

Mother's Day Postcard of bird nest
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May and Mother’s Day!

I'm thrilled to have recently printed my 5th and 6th postcards of the year in my Patreon Postcard series project. With that 6th card I'm now half way through the year's production goal of 12 cards! My May Mother's Day themed postcard is now available on Etsy, as is the June Father's Day postcard. It's… Continue reading May and Mother’s Day!

Naming - Part 1
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Naming – #ThePlumGrove

I'm ready for action! Let's get this art adventure started. First, thoughts on picking a name. Escapades in Naming Naming, Step One: Finding a niche and brainstorming concepts: What defines the idea/product/business? What's the unique value proposition in terms of how people relate to other things already well known? I brainstormed - gardening, urban horticulture, city farmer,… Continue reading Naming – #ThePlumGrove

Kristin - The Plum Grove
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A Time for New Beginnings

After 11 years working at a nonprofit I care about deeply, from starting fresh out of college in 2005, through more than a decade of projects, training, personal growth, and professional achievement, the time has come for me to leave that which is deeply familiar to me, and move on to new endeavors - focusing… Continue reading A Time for New Beginnings

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2012 Gardening Experiences

I am doubtful that any fruit will set on my nectarine tree this year, as this poor tree was doused with a rain/wind storm for the last 10 days, but the blossoms were quite lovely none-the-less. With my spouse Max flying back and forth to LA during the week, it has left me a limited amount… Continue reading 2012 Gardening Experiences

Eco-Electric Car Decal

Challenges of buying an EV vehicle and Car-Buying Tips to get a good deal.

In March of 2016 I bought a car for the first time in 10 years. It was time for my 16-year-old Honda Civic to retire and the time was right to look at electric vehicles. I've been wanting to switch to an EV for a while - to be honest I hate that the United… Continue reading Challenges of buying an EV vehicle and Car-Buying Tips to get a good deal.