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Announcing my 2018 resolutions and goals! I love the ‘fresh start’ feeling that the New Year provides – do you feel ready to take on 2018? From cleaning my house (sorted through my clothing using Marie Kondo’s ‘does it spark joy’ criteria today), to taking time to be thoughtful about
I’ve just released a batch of new fabric designs on my Spoonflower Store and am thrilled to get the chance to enter one of my black and white coloring outlines designs in the current contest. You can go to the contest, find my design, and if you like it then
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Jewish Holiday Postcard Bundles are here!

Posted by theplumgrove on 2017-09-08
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It has been quite a journey this year, starting my new @ThePlumGrove art endeavor and each month finding a little time to make something new.  I’m so happy to be finally reaching the stage where I’ve made enough things that I am ready to bundle up my very first set
Mother's Day Postcard of bird nest

May and Mother’s Day!

Posted by theplumgrove on 2017-05-11
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I’m thrilled to have recently printed my 5th and 6th postcards of the year in my Patreon Postcard series project. With that 6th card I’m now half way through the year’s production goal of 12 cards! My May Mother’s Day themed postcard is now available on Etsy, as is the

My #ActivistPostcards are here!

Posted by theplumgrove on 2017-02-15
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This has been a whirlwind month of wanting to get engaged. Writing emails to elected officials is better than nothing, but direct phone calls and snail-mail packs a stronger punch, so I felt motivated to create a series of #ActivistPostcards. American Flag Postcard The first one I made is an
Naming - Part 1

Naming – #ThePlumGrove

Posted by theplumgrove on 2017-01-01
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I’m ready for action! Let’s get this art adventure started. First, thoughts on picking a name. Escapades in Naming All rights reserved. Copyright 2017, Kristin Johnson, @ThePlumGrove Naming, Step One: Finding a niche and brainstorming concepts: What defines the idea/product/business? What’s the unique value proposition in terms of how people relate to
Kristin - The Plum Grove

A Time for New Beginnings

Posted by theplumgrove on 2016-11-30
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After 11 years working at a nonprofit I care about deeply, from starting fresh out of college in 2005, through more than a decade of projects, training, personal growth, and professional achievement, the time has come for me to leave that which is deeply familiar to me, and move on