Mother's Day Postcard of bird nest
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May and Mother’s Day!

I'm thrilled to have recently printed my 5th and 6th postcards of the year in my Patreon Postcard series project. With that 6th card I'm now half way through the year's production goal of 12 cards! My May Mother's Day themed postcard is now available on Etsy, as is the June Father's Day postcard. It's… Continue reading May and Mother’s Day!

Plant Parenthood
Secret Lives Of Plants

#SecretLivesOfPlants 09 – Plant Parenthood

For all those plant puberty challenges that arise, good to know that they can count on Plant Parenthood. 🙂


My #ActivistPostcards are here!

This has been a whirlwind month of wanting to get engaged. Writing emails to elected officials is better than nothing, but direct phone calls and snail-mail packs a stronger punch, so I felt motivated to create a series of #ActivistPostcards. American Flag Postcard The first one I made is an original watercolor design, obviously modeled… Continue reading My #ActivistPostcards are here!

Secret Lives Of Plants

#SecretLivesOfPlants 06 – Timber

That's some highly attractive bark on that one. This tree's two good friends can't help but encourage him.

Secret Lives Of Plants

#SecretLivesOfPlants 05 – Aphids

Some challenges of parenting may be universal, whether it be facing lice, or aphids. 🙂