Naming - Part 1
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Naming – #ThePlumGrove

I'm ready for action! Let's get this art adventure started. First, thoughts on picking a name. Escapades in Naming Naming, Step One: Finding a niche and brainstorming concepts: What defines the idea/product/business? What's the unique value proposition in terms of how people relate to other things already well known? I brainstormed - gardening, urban horticulture, city farmer,… Continue reading Naming – #ThePlumGrove

Secret Lives of Plants - Darkest Night
Secret Lives Of Plants

#SecretLivesOfPlants 01 – Darkest night.

Sometimes when things seem their darkest, it is only then that new stars can emerge and shine their very brightest. This post is in honor of the many inspiring people I see working so hard to improve our world. People all across America who are raising their voices for equality, speaking out against injustice, and… Continue reading #SecretLivesOfPlants 01 – Darkest night.